Bug on deleting background Image


I’m currently facing an issue with my background image in a particular view. Initially, I aimed to replace it with a gradient background. I successfully prepared the gradient and removed the previous image as planned (as shown in the attached picture).
While using Appfarm’s create function, the graduated background appears as expected. However, during the preview, the old image continues to persist in the background.

Even when I attempt to locate any reference of the picture stored on Appfarm, I am able to find a references to this particular view but can’t remove it as it is not existing anymore.


I hope this explanation is clear enough.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Yassine

This is strange, thank you for reporting this. Does deleting the entire background and recreating the gradient background from scratch help at all?


Hi Rhys

yes i already tried that , i even tried to put back the picture and remove it. nothing changed

maybe this bug happened because i created my gradiant background before removing the picture

This is possible yes, but I tried to recreate this problem in my own environment and I could not. The picture could be deleted without an issue and the gradient background appeared as expected before attempting to delete as well.

It might be that you need to rebuild that particular View again from scratch - it looks like there are some issues with the View pointing to itself in “Find References”.

that’s what i did finally

just wanted to report that bug , i just created a new view and copied everything there ( only the view itself is new).

Thank you Rhys

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