Bug when re-populating bar charts

We’re seeing some weird behaviour on our line charts when changing which objects to visualise. The first screen shot shows how the graph should be looking.
The issue occur when there’s already data in the graph and we change some filters. The graph then shifts some of the bars to other categories where the value should be 0. Some categories ends up having tree values where it should be two, and some categories are missing their values and bars. We see this issue in all our environments

I belive it’s a issue with how the highchart component are repopulating the graph. If we navigate to another view and then back (basically forcing the chart to re-render) we get the correct chart with all its bars and numbers placed where they should.


This case sounds a bit too complex for us to be able to reproduce in an external solution. Can you provide a simple use case in a seperate App (preferably in Dev environment) and grant access to one from Appfarm? DM when this is in place.

Hi @kristian
Any updates on this? We’re still experiencing the issue with the new Appfarm version


Sorry, let’s continue DM on this one, as it is not a case for common interest.

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