Basic Gauge chart value resets to default value (0%) on window resize and zoom

I’ve noticed a bug with the Basic Gauge chart component. When changing the window size and when zooming in/out, the basic gauge chart value are set to the default value/0%. It doesn’t change back unless I force the Value property to reset or set a new value, refresh the page or navigate between views.


That’s interesting! I have not managed to replicate this.

Can you provide some more details of the setup?

Hi @isabelslorer

Screenshot of the chart’s setup below:

In the appfarm debugger, both app variables that controls the value and value label remains the same on window resize and zoom but the graph sets both the value label and value to 0% (see recording below) even though the min value is set to 1.

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Hi Kaspar,

This is very useful (I tested the advanced gauge chart). Thank you for pointing it out!

I will register a challenge on this.

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