Advanced Line Chart Bug

Was testing out some Line Chart settings and stumbled over this error :arrow_down:

Setting the Line Chart to Polar with Y-axis Type set to Logarithmic, Y-axis Tick interval set to 1, Y-axis Min value set to 0, and Y-axis Max value set to 5 gives the error below when trying to display the chart (in dev environment)


I suppose the issue here is that you are setting the min value of Y to 0, and log (0) is undefined.

As stated here Highcharts Error #10

"This error occurs in the following situations:

  • If a zero or subzero data value is added to a logarithmic axis
  • If the minimum of a logarithimic axis is set to 0 or less
  • If the threshold is set to 0 or less"

If you want the min output to be 0, try setting the min value of Y to 1 (as log(1) = 0).

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