Bulk update text labels

We’re currently making a lot of changes to our UI text labels and find the process very tedious. We’ve found that downloading all labels from the internationalization tab as csv and making the changes to be the best approach as the text label changes also affects the translations. But when uploading the changes, the English (base language) text updates doesn’t get imported.

Having to manually click through each label reference, change the value and then navigate back to the internationalization tab and search for the next element is a tedious process (takes about 10-15 seconds for each label) when working with a lot of labels (approx. 1’500 for each app).

Would love to have the option to bulk update text labels in the same way as we can for translations.


As you mentioned, you are only allowed to change the translations when uploading. Just like you are not allowed to change the text in the original language in the translations table, you cannot do so when uploading either.

I will pass the feature request forward to the platform development team.

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