How to replace all fonts used in an App?

In our application we use use 4 different fonts. Font faces are set individually on 200+ text labels (because the Themes feature is somewhat limited). Is there a way for us to replace fonts without changing this manually for 200 different text labels?


No, there is no way to batch-update all Text labels if manual overrides have been set on all of them unfortunately.

But, we’re curious about the limitations of the Themes editor when it comes to fonts that should result in this need for manual setting of font faces! Is it possible to get some feedback on this point for potential improvement?

Currently, you may override most font face settings on themes, as well as adding other font families

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In the Theme editor we are able to set font family on H1-h6, body1, body2, and so forth for in total 13 different text styles. Thats great but for large applications this may not be enough. I haven’t setup our main AppFarm App in our organization but for some reason most text labels there are typically set to body1 with a custom Font family and other styling override.

Yes, only 13 styles are available, since this is the default in Material UI:

You won’t need more than 13 font sizes in an App, but I can see that in some cases one might want more than 13 different font size/familiy/weight cominations. We’ll take that into the discussion we have internally regarding the new and more flexible Themes editor planned later this year :wink:

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Yes you may want more than 13 different combinations of font family, font weight, font size, margins, colors, hover-effects, font variants with allcaps, stretch, kerning etc etc. for labels/headers/copy :grinning: