Configure font size pr device in Themes

I can configure a font-size for the different styles, but have to specify / override font size everywhere for different devices. It would be nice to do this in the theme configuration.


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Any suggestions from Appfarm on best practise to handle low resolution and high resolution browsers in a manageable manner until this feature is released? Mainly the issue is that the default font sizes are way to large on a laptop with low resolution. Is it a good workaround to detect screen size on app load and apply a “low resolution” theme to low res clients?

In general, you have two relevant client settings:

  1. Screen size. This is “handled” in appfarm (when using responsive design, or having conditions towards App Variables.Client Screen Size). But we are missing the possibility to differentiate font sizes globally within an app for different screen sizes (you need to override font size manually for smaller screens per text component).
  2. Zoom level in browser. This one is a bit more tricky. Normally a browser has a zoom level of 100%, but some persons use higher or lower. And also, when developing in Appfarm Create, many developers use “Autofit”, and autofit is not 1-to-1 with the sizes experienced in the browser for the client.

Regarding point 2), this post may be relevant: