Is it possible to scale the whole App (similar to zoom level 80%)?

This question is regarding zoom levels in the browser. The default is 100% zoom in the browser, but we find that our app looks and works better on an 80% zoom level. Is there a way where I can define 80% zoom as the default or that 80% zoom as the new 100%? Let me know if this question does not make sense and I’ll try to explain better.

In general, the UI designer should be used and tested without “Autofit” to see the actual size of your app. Using Autofit (the default in the UI Editor) is great in order to have space for your whole UI inside that editor, but it might trick you a bit (at least if you do not test your app with 100% zoom level, or if you only test it on large high-res screens.

A “hack” exists, however, that scales your whole app, but that code can be placed in the “on app load” - but with no guarantees that it will work forever, and it should only be used for existing apps that have been designed “to large”.

Run code with the following code: = "80%";