Classes in Appfarm

Hi! I am curious on the status of classes / styles in appfarm.
On the same note I have spent some time in «Draftbit» recently, which have a quite smart way of implementing and using styles. If you haven’t looked at it I can really recommend to look at it for inspiration :slight_smile:



It is still on the roadmap for this year. 3 related concepts are planned:

  • The Themes editor should offer more settings (such as default style for a Text Edit).
  • Custom (reusable) components. In other words, the possibility to save a part of your UI for reuse
  • Custom (reusable) styles. For example, saving the style of a container, and apply that style on other containers (similar to classes).

Does this sound aligned with your needs?


Sounds superb @kristian :ok_hand: