Reusable functions

I find myself copy pasting a lot of “functions that transforms some data into another data” all over the place. Is there a way to avoid this in AppFarm? If not one idea is to have reusable functions that can do this. E.g. creating an own library, like moment, and be able to reuse them all over the place. If they don’t have side-effects it should not be an issue either.

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Good input. We have more reusable components / more reusability on the agenda, and will add the Functions as a potential part of this.

If you have high degree of coding / complexity and you have a lot of javascript function you would like to reuse, I believe you can try adding it in the Custom header tags section (add it as Script content). Then you may try to refer this code in the function editor or run code.

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Thats a good workaround. The liner want be happy though xD