Support for simple (%s) string substitution

I often find myself adding three text components to a view simply to create simple sentences like “Welcome to the ProjectName project!”. ProjectName is here the name of the project fetched from a property from in a data source.

I know I can easily add this using a function, but since I need to keep the app in several languages, things become more complicated. It’s confusing having some translations in code and others under Internationalization. Especially when working with an external translator. Adding several text components also introduce challenges for longer text where you want the text to break in a certain way.

It would be nice if Appfarm could offer some kind of string substitution for these simple use cases. Something like “Welcome to the %s project” and with option to link %s to a data source property.

Hi Lars,

Thank you for the feature request.

We’ve created a challenge for this.