Calendar - Alignment and overflow of text

I need to make a calendar view of an object class and its underlying tasks. I need dates (months or weeks) on x-axis and the title of each object on the y-axis. The calendar/table is then populated with the tasks for each object. Every object has a maximum of 3 tasks. Every task is “all-day” and usually stretches over multiple weeks.

See images below. How do I get the alignment in order? Every column and cell should have the same space allocated, however I don’t want to set a spesific width since the view should stretch according to the monitor size.
Additionally I want the text to overflow, such that the text of each task always is visible. Right now the container of the task will stretch based on the text, which messes upp the alignement of the columns, i.e. the cells in different rows have differing width.

Also, I want the task to be offset according to the date it starts. F.eks. if it starts the 15.nov, it should be aligned to the middle of the november column

Any suggestions?