Camera not appearing on iPhone (but works nicely on Android)

I’m experiencing a weird problem at the moment. The camera feature is no longer working on iPhone in some situations. I used to call the camera from a button menu inside a popover without problems on any platform. I later decided to move the button that triggers the camera to a dialog. After this change the camera no longer appears on iPhone (several models) but it’s still working nicely on Android.
Does anyone have a clue what’s going on? The only thing I’m doing before calling the camera is to set some app.variables. The camera still works on iPhone other places in the same app.

Hi! Sounds like something to investigate!

Are you able to give us a testcase (and access) to your solution, where this behaviour can be reproduced on your iphone? Or if not, a description of how to reproduce in your App? This can be taken by DM, and we’ll post the result here once we’ve figured out the problem.


The browser’s requirements for allowing file uploads (from disk or camera), is that the action is “initiated by the user”. In some cases, mostly seen on iPhones (safari), having action nodes prior to the “Create File Object” might cause the browser to misinterpret this. I guess it depends on side-effects and duration etc of the action nodes that occur prior to the Create File Object.

The solution when these things occur is to have the Create File Object as the first action node and move the additional logic after.

In this specific case, a Create Object happens prior to the Create File Object. Moving the Create File Object first solved the case.

The Documentation has been updated with this info as well:

Thanks. Moving the Create File Object first, solved the issue. Btw, the problem is not only related to Safari. Chrome on iPhone had the same issue.