Problem with the action node Create File Object on MacOS

Hi, I have a problem with the action node Create File Object on MacOS. I am trying to upload a picture, but when the action starts nothing happens. It doesn’t throw an error either.

When uploading a file where the user is to select the file for upload in a file selector window, the action that triggers it must originate from a user action. That is, it must be triggered by the user clicking on something.

If the action is triggered by onAppLoad or another non-user-initiated trigger, it will not work. This is how most modern browsers work, and there is no known way around this in Appfarm.

Not sure if this is the problem in your case, tough.

Just to check: Could you/have you verified that the same action work on windows? Is it also possible to check if it works on another mac (just to make sure it’s not a local dev / local caching issue)?

It only seems to happen on MacOS. We have tried on one MacBook and one iPad (which is recognised as MacOS). We do not have the same issue on iOS or Windows 11.

Hi! We tried to reproduce a similar action having some functionality and then a file upload. Works like charm on MacOS. So it’s probably an issue somehow, but it’s probably more of a corner case that needs to be investigated.

Could it be that something else “steals” the window, i.e. that the file browser opens behind something else? Could be verified by creating a simple test-view, and trigger a copy of that action from there, to see if the file browser opens.