File upload fails for PROD user - but not for anyone else


I have an issue in Prod where a user needs to upload an image to a runtime object. The action create file object is used and when he selects the picture to be uploaded, an error occurs and the file is not created.

I’m not able to reproduce this with another user with the same permissions and same file.

Any suggestions on how to figure this one out?

I have seen similar errors in development that sometimes the create file object just fails for no obvious reasons, but since this is prod it is more critical.


Out of curiousuity: Does the user click any action with Open URL (download a file etc) before he/she encounters this error?

We have a strange case sometimes with Open URL when Open in new window is not ticked (should be) - where I have seen this error message for some users in a subsequent action (based on the error log, it looks like the user cancels the dialog, but I guess that is not the case).

No - he only presses the upload button , selects the image file and press “open” in the dialog and error occurs…