Can we revert to older versions than on the list?

We need to revert to version 1.3.1, but after several copies-up and tests, it’s no longer on the list. Is it now impossible to revert to this version on our TEST environment? Or is there a workaround?

I believe that
was our version 1.3.1, so we reverted to that one for now. It would make me feel more confident though if reversions showed deploy comments though. I’m also still a bit worried about the case where we try to hotfix a version on TEST several times and then are unable to revert to an older version.


We only store the 5 latest deploys per now, but I see that the number is a bit low in some cases, and will discuss internally the approach to allow for many deploys and at the same time keeping the possibility to roll back a certain amount of deploys or time.

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Alrighty, then we’ll be extra careful for now about trying to hotfix a deploy then. Thanks!