How can I revert my changes?

I started making some small changes and discovered quickly that this is turning into a bigger set of changes than I originally planned for. I’d like to “shelve” or “revert” my work so far and start again. Is this possible? I don’t see an obvious way to accomplish this.

Hi! Control + Z is one of the big “missing pieces” in Appfarm. It’s complex due to the model-driven multiuser architechture. However, it’s been designed and is on the roadmap!

Most solutions, however, should have “Automatic snapshots” enabled. You find Automatic snapshots in the deploy menu. Automatic snapshots are full backups of the whole solution.

The most recent snapshot should be no older than 3 minutes from the last change (normally approx 1 minute old), and you may apply the snapshot in Develop using the “Apply snapshot” Icon. Note that we also recommend taking some manual backups once in a while (and label them with a comment). Read more here.

Thanks, this snapshot function helps!