No delete warning or undos are troublesome

Accidently deleted a whole “View” as we were going to “Rename” it, but pressed “Delete”.Steps to recreate:

  1. In “Apps”, navigate to “Views”.
  2. Right click on a created UI Component in “Views” (for instance a container), to rename it.
  3. Notice that below the “Rename” option there is a “Delete” option.
  4. Pressing delete removes all content from that container.

If there is not a undo button, there has to be a warning coming up, as the delete button is easily pressed. Another option is to highlight the button in Red or another color when hovering over Delete

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A little sneak peek into what we are currently working on, to remove this kind of frustrating incidents in the future.



PS: In the deploy menu in Create, you should find automatic snapshots. You may rollback to the latest one if you delete something by mistake. However, you might lose a few minutes of work (and it affects the whole solution and will restore the solution to it’s previous state some minutes ago).

See this article

Wow this looks promising :smiley: Looking forward to it!

Thanks :smiley:

This works depending on the severity. For our case we had made a lot of changes before we accidentally deleted the thing. So we had to make a trade off :man_shrugging:

However, this can be useful in another case. So thanks for the tip :slight_smile: Manually making snapshots would also probably be smart.