Release Notes 23.1

Our second release of 2023 is here - a release packed with new features, improvements and bug fixes!

Here are the feature highlights:

:ninja: Deploy like a ninja

A few simple (but powerful) new features have been added to our big blue Deploy button.

  • Schedule the deploy for a specific time - not only at midnight.
  • Choose whether to display your avatar and name with the deploy. The default is now to deploy anonymously.
  • Add an internal comment for the deploy - great for keeping track of your production deploys!

:sunrise_over_mountains: An alternative view of views

Do you want more control of the list of Views in the UI Designer? Well, lucky you.

  • Hide the Recent Views in the Preferences section in the Rocket Menu, or adjust the number of visible items.
  • Pin a view by clicking Add to Favourites in the right-click menu.
  • Or use both…

:robot: Copy like a machine

You may now use Copy to Clipboard on Services. Great if you want to steal that service from another solution. Also, you may now copy Object Classes.

:superhero: More container superpowers

The multi-purpose, multi-talented Container gets even more superpowers!

  • For a Container with flex layout we now support the gap styling property. Use it for perfect control of the space between rows or columns inside the container.
  • Two new Event Handlers have been added to Container: On Right Click and On Double Click

:art: Speedy theming

This release optimizes the way theming / styling is handled, ultimately making your apps feel more snappy and performant!

If one of the following applies to your solution, we recommend a thorough check before deploying to other environments:

  • Usage of complicated style tricks
  • Creative Run Code usage related to styling
  • Switching themes at runtime in combination with Conditional Styles

What’s New

  • Configurable IP rate limiter in services (#2513)
  • Clicking selected dialog or view in Property Pane should navigate to view/dialog in UI Designer (#2718)
  • Reference Finder: Find references to property in use from datasource in function editor (#2786)
  • Implement support for style property gap (#2829)
  • Allow deploying as customer and not from personal Create account (#2878)
  • UI Designer: Support for pin/favourite Views (#2898)
  • Implement support for custom Reply-To address for all login-related emails (#2908)
  • Container: Event handler On Right Click (#2934)
  • Container: Event handler On Double Click (#2935)
  • Resource Files: Enable search (#2977)
  • Expose ID Token from a third-party login provider (#3031)
  • Value Processor: Date Add / Date Subtract: Support databound value for number to be added / subtracted (#3034)
  • UI Designer: Option to hide Recent Views section (#3071)
  • Support for adding directives to media-src Content Security Policy (#3116)
  • Support for muting an action from logging in DevTools (#3119)
  • Support object properties Is First, Is Last, Is Even and Index for calendar datasources (#3120)
  • Support ‘Copy to Clipboard’ for Services (#3121)
  • Read Objects: Allow for Skip when reading from the database (#3158)
  • Run Service: Support POST (without body) (#3166)
  • Expose JWT library in function editor for server-side web requests (#3169)
  • Services: Support action params for Process Action in endpoint (#3175)
  • Catch Exception: Implement support for mapping error name (#3226)


  • Show model number in Automatic Snapshots list (#2678)
  • Reference Finder: Improvements on refresh and linking (#2785)
  • Deploy: Option to schedule the deployment to a specific time (#2793)
  • Users Page: Add table sorting (#2899)
  • Go to edit “name” mode when copying an action (#2901)
  • Unable to see specifically which Secret a function parameter refers to (#2903)
  • Allow for internal comments on deploy (#2905)
  • Apply custom file name when downloading a non-persisted file (#2976)
  • Make it impossible to change app permissions for config/admin apps (#2982)
  • Pasting app from clipboard should reproduce what was originally copied (not duplicated at paste time) (#2985)
  • Mark mandatory fields for creating/updating a Secret in Create (#2986)
  • Copying an Action Node in Service Actions should select the new copy (#3007)
  • Auth operations: Onetime Pin Use requires Pin as integer (#3043)
  • Auth operations: Add Login with Google as an operation (#3044)
  • Performance: App Bar with App Variable dependencies should not recalculate whole UI (#3045)
  • Create: Filtering UI Components or Action Nodes should hide categories without matching items (#3049)
  • Deploy Page: Show active model number in environment info tooltip (#3077)
  • Deploy Page: Show changes done in Service Scheduler in Change Details (#3081)
  • Scan Barcode/QR: Allow granular control over which barcode types to scan for performance (#3098)
  • Config Apps: Should only be available for Owners and Admins in Dev (#3111)
  • Increase expiration period for PIN codes / Reset Password links to 15 minutes (#3117)
  • Data Model: Add ‘Make a Copy’ and ‘Copy to Clipboard’ to object classes (#3123)
  • Create: Inline items in Property Pane should be collapsed while dragged (#3125)
  • Generate Document: Automatically add .pdf extension to File Name when missing (#3127)
  • Popovers should be alphabetically sorted in Open Popover action node select list (#3134)
  • Deploy: Change Details list should be sorted within categories (#3168)
  • DevTools: Sort data sources alphabetically should ignore case (#3182)
  • DevTools: Add possibility to disable from console (#3183)
  • Change Language: UI refresh needed for translation of enums to take effect (#3191)
  • Service Endpoint: Restrict data binding of Query Params and Header Values to writable properties (#3212)
  • Data Connector Data Source: Hide ‘Data Source Attributes’ from App Data section (#3216)
  • Services: Add 429 as response code in Throw Exception action node (#3230)
  • Sort Objects: Mark sorting as required in Create (#3239)

Bug Fixes

  • rawResponseData contains constructor key in server-side result parser (#2229)
  • Connection issues in Create can sometimes lead to inconsistency in the model (#2250)
  • PDF Reader throws an error/warning when used (#2305)
  • Support ECMAScript 2018 syntax in function editor (#2502)
  • Implement support for style property Transform Origin for transforms (#2527)
  • Action runner crashes if Run Code rejects without an error object (#2910)
  • Advanced Chart: Bar tooltip should be rendered over plot-threshold indicator (#2955)
  • Select dropdown: When autocomplete is enabled, the list shrinks when opened (#2980)
  • Advanced Pie Chart: Sort By using datetime as category property and sorting parameter is wrong (#2993)
  • Run Service Data Source Mapping: References not shown when service response changed (#2998)
  • Returning a string in a datetime runtime property, and using this in a table, crashes the app (#2999)
  • Overriding Rows Per Page in Table prevents you from seeing all rows (#3004)
  • UI Table: Glitch on view load when row selection is enabled (#3005)
  • Copy / Paste to clipboard of Action Nodes between actions: Action Params used in functions and conditions are not cleared (#3008)
  • When setting up client filters in app data that depend on the current view, client filter does not work (#3011)
  • Table: Autocomplete in filter: Crash if the option the data object is based on is no longer in the data source (#3012)
  • Calendar data source not refreshing when set to invalid range and then back to original range (#3017)
  • Service Accounts: Create new API Key crashes Create occasionally (#3027)
  • Find References on attribute properties used in Set DataSource Properties causes Create to crash (#3029)
  • Data Source: Initial database filter using Calendar Data Source does not work (#3036)
  • Multiple sort descriptors do not handle nil / missing values correctly as other sort options are skipped (#3038)
  • Create/Update Object: Value mapping bound to String Enum data source - ID is mapped instead of Value (#3047)
  • Bubble Diagram: Allow adjusting the bubble’s size (#3058)
  • Create: Deploy list becomes empty due to inactivity (#3089)
  • Visibility conditions with deep data bindings are lost when copying an app to another solution (#3092)
  • References / Actions: View not loaded when moving between apps (#3094)
  • Drag / Drop: Incorrect offset on draggable item when slide transition is used on parent (#3104)
  • Drawer with custom width not displaying correctly (#3110)
  • Theme: Handle removing font in use (#3114)
  • UI Map: Static GeoJSON miscellaneous fixes and improvements (#3124)
  • Badge is misaligned for avatars in List (#3130)
  • Icons are not sized correctly in Chip Group with size small (#3131)
  • Table: Toolbar title does not consider Object in Context (#3137)
  • Set Data Source Attributes not working with Action Parameters (#3142)
  • Create Object: Not able to set read-only properties upon creation (#3145)
  • Table: Entering negative number into cleared cell does not work (#3148)
  • Rich Text Edit: Crashes when clearing an object while the editor is open (#3149)
  • Object Class: Mark ID-property as built-in (#3159)
  • PDF Reader is invisible unless width and height are specified (#3161)
  • Subscribe to update does not seem to consider Disabled Attribute on a Data Source (#3162)
  • Create: Improved error message handling for clipboard actions (#3171)
  • When there are two object classes with the same name, both are shown as selected when you select one (#3192)
  • Create User through a service fails with invalid data source but the user is created (#3200)
  • Create: Fix scroll in lists of Endpoints (#3202)
  • Repeated content with dependencies to Attributes are not re-evaluated on attribute change (#3210)
  • Client filters that use subview in the ‘enabled’-filter do not get reset when subview changes (#3217)
  • Editing an object class’ name or collection name in object class diagram may modify the wrong object class (#3218)

Love the gap property !

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I love the new “add to favorites” feature on views! It will be a huge time saver for large projects.
It took me some time to find it, as it only appears when you right click on the view in the alphabetic list. I was expecting to find the option when right clicking on a view in the recent view list. Would it be possible to offer the same right click menu on views independently if they are in the recent, favorites or alpabetic list?