Release Notes 23.2

Let’s wrap up Q1 with another release!

Here are the feature highlights.

:1234: Auto increment that order number

The good old Object Class now holds a new superpower: Sequential Identifier. Given a Starting Value, all new objects will be assigned a +1 relative to the previously saved object. Perfect for incremental order numbers!

©️ Copy like never before

We never get tired of copying. You may now copy data filters, resource files and runtime property functions to the clipboard. Also, you may duplicate function parameters!

:coffin: R.I.P. App Variables.Today

You may now access the built-in Date Now and Date Today properties when filtering data in your UI, or setting up conditions.

What’s New

  • Support for Amazon SES as custom email service (#2294)
  • Database filter: Implement possibility to Copy/Paste to Clipboard (#2515)
  • Support copying Resource Files (#2562)
  • Support copying functions from Runtime Properties (#2564)
  • Built-in support for sequential counter on object class (#2624)
  • Ui List - Split into two components List (data bound) and Menu List (static) (#2915)
  • Table: Remap references when switching between Data Sources of the same Object Class (#3135)
  • Filter and Condition Editor: Access to Date Now and Today (#3197)
  • Advanced Chart: Sort X-axis based on Y-axis value (#3262)
  • Function Values: Duplicate Function Parameter (#3274)


  • Show all paths (not just the first one) in a view in the advisory panel in Create (#2595)
  • Table: Support Property Condition for column Initially Hidden setting (#2656)
  • Refresh various configs (environments config etc.) after Create has been idle for some time (#2931)
  • Support accessing nested claims in external id token (#2948)
  • Make DateTime sub-properties (day, week, month etc.) available on the left hand side of conditions (#3053)
  • Support translations on boolean labels (#3054)
  • Table: Update on keypress for numeric datatypes (#3209)
  • When you hover on a data set property in a chart the text is almost hidden (#3248)
  • Conserve equivalent default Values properties when changing between data sources of the same type (#3265)
  • Advanced Chart: Legend selection color improvement (#3273)
  • Make property “Secret” required for service action node Update Secret (#3310)
  • Allow use of dash - and underscore _ in url params (#3387)
  • Allow for custom filename when creating file objects of URL source (#3414)
  • Create File: Original file name not set correctly when “Max Image Size” has value (#3417)
  • Prepare deprecation of Google Analytics (#3509)

Bug Fixes

  • View is erroneously shifted left when navigating a certain order (#3113)
  • When navigating some view transitions might not work correctly (#3132)
  • Icon: Badge is visible even if the badge value is 0 or empty string (#3228)
  • Service Scheduler - Cron expression should give error message for a given value but doesn’t (#3234)
  • Event handler: On Drawer Open doesn’t work. (#3253)
  • Create: Built-in enums are not reference checked (#3261)
  • FunctionValue - Function Parameter: Filtering data source on a contextual object in the same data source does not work (#3266)
  • Changes in roles on a user account done in Create are not applied (#3276)
  • Advanced Chart: Object Class as Category property crashes in Bar/Line Chart (#3282)
  • Services: Read Object into File Data Source: FileContent not read (#3287)
  • Filter: Properties only used in right-side filtered selection are never read to App (#3288)
  • Table: Column width is ignored if another column has an adornment (#3295)
  • Remove List image fit from styles (#3408)
  • App Health: crash on load (#3479)