Release Notes 103

Release 103 is finally here! And it’s time to unveil one of the major features we’ve been working on for a while: Multi-references. Here are the highlights:


Data modelling is now as easy as a breeze with the ability to define cardinality Many on Object Class Properties, App Variables, or Runtime Properties. With this new feature, you can define multi-references towards Object Classes or Enums, significantly reducing the need for connector classes or many-to-many object classes. Learn more here.

Noteworthy improvements

  • Themes: Override border-radius on Popovers and Tooltips.
  • Popover: Introducing a new event handler: On Close.
  • Services: A new service variable: IP Address, providing you with the IP address of the consumer.
  • Auth Operations: Support for requesting a password reset link.

What’s New

  • Support multi-cardinality Reference and Enum properties on Object Classes (#359)
  • Popover - Implement event handler support for On Close (#2174)
  • New Service Variable: IP Address (#3938)
  • Add Action Nodes and UI Components using Appfarm Commander (#4398)
  • Advanced Search: Implement the “Autocomplete” search operator (#4402)
  • Theme - Support border radius override for Tooltip (#4405)
  • Theme - Support elevation override for Popover (#4406)
  • Create: Implement filtering of resource files (#4438)


  • Improve visualization of Popover in Create (#2805)
  • Web Request: Add support for mutual TLS (#3073)
  • Appfarm Commander - Show all apps and services when typing “!” (#3717)
  • Create: Implement sorting of resource files (#4038)
  • Update Avatar and Avatar Group UI components (#4055)
  • Remove function preview from Property Pane to avoid this to block content in case of large functions (#4127)
  • Advanced Search: Implement sorting (#4275)
  • Make it more obvious that a table column has an adornment (#4319)
  • Improve the auto-complete on data-type in Global Data Model to also catch Prop names with different case and spaces (#4330)
  • Enable warnings/validation for apps readable ID to avoid duplicates. Duplicates can lead to Create opening the wrong app (#4336)
  • Edit table component: Enable row selection previews as “true” also when value is false (#4467)

Bug Fixes

  • Missing intellisense for various property types in the new function editor (#4085)
  • Services: End execution inside loop exits loop instead of ending execution of action. (#4295)
  • Datasource with filter using an invalid data source makes the client try to reconnect (#4303)
  • GraphQL Aggregation: Should allow no Grouping (#4344)
  • Find usage of ... doesn’t update on change. Requires re-opening reference checker to see changes (#4417)
  • Datasource attributes changes does not always trigger recalculation of a function value (#4430)
  • App health for services navigates to last used app’ app-actions when action is clicked. (#4436)
  • UI Select: Client crashes when Conditional Options on a Select has no options selected (#4441)
  • “Add Custom Font Files” dialog doesn’t close when pressing ESC (#4444)
  • It is possible to create duplicate object classes when clicking “create” fast in Global Data Model (#4453)
  • No result when filtering by id on GraphQL aggregates (#4462)
  • New function editor - Missing array info in Function Parameters for databinding of cardinality MANY (#4536)
  • “Add all properties as columns” on table should skip ID property (#4539)
  • GraphQL Aggregate: date filter not working (#4548)
  • Adding the built-in enum Roles to a service will always make the service fail (#4549)
  • Table: Column style header orientation vertical is not applied in client (#4562)
  • Modify multiple objects with unique properties behaves unexpected (#4645)
  • Unable to create plaintext version of richtext property with GraphQL populatePlaintextFromRichText[object class] (#4703)
  • Unable to clear value using Update User Account (#4705)
  • Service Dev Tools: Logs is empty if the endpoint readable ID is empty (#4706)
  • App crashes when “Add all properties as columns” on table includes Rich Text (#4730)
  • GraphQL: Newly created OCs are not available in GraphQL (#4748)

Multi references - Halleluja! :smiley:

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i think we all waited for the Multi Reference :smiley:

Thank you Appfarm