Release Notes 104

Release 104 consists primarily of bug fixes and improvements, and is a relatively small release. Here are the highlights.

Noteworthy improvements

  • Select and Multiselect: New event handlers On Open and On Close, allowing you to run actions when the droplists are opened or closed.
  • New languages have been added to Appfarm Create: Nynorsk, Finnish, Sami, Latvian and Lithuanian.
  • Service DevTools: Show payload and response in web request action nodes.

Technology update

For Services, Appfarm has been using Node 18 under the hood. From version 104, Appfarm is now using Node 20. For Appfarm Create users, this may be visible in the output when using the Value Processor for formatting numbers to currency in Services. For example, the formatting of the number 100 in currency NOK will now output “100 kr”, instead of the previously formatted “kr 100”. This has no real impact, except if you have hardcoded business logic related to the string output of Value Processor formatting in Services (e.g. using substring to get the “100” from “kr 100”).

What’s New

  • Implement support for Time Series data (#2870)
  • URL Params - Support cardinality many for Enum and Reference Data Types (#4608)
  • Map: Implement option to prevent default touch behavior when panning on a mobile device (#4688)
  • [multi-ref] UiTable: support “Add all properties as column” for tables of multi-ref-property (#4741)
  • Select/Multi Select: Implement On Open and On Close event handlers (#4758)
  • Multi Select - Add old value as event param for the On Value Change event handler like for Select (#4760)


  • Function Editor: Warn about unsupported modification of function parameters (#2565)
  • Create: Add info / blue dots on GraphQL and Service settings under Environment Config (#3844)
  • Result-parser in “catch exception” for web request exceptions (#4087)
  • Panels in Global Data Model should be resizeable (#4477)
  • Language/Locale support: Nynorsk, Finnish, Sami, Latvian and Lithuanian (#4485)
  • Service Devtools: Store breakpoints in session storage (#4561)
  • Service Logger: Ability to get timestamp of when Action Node was ran in the Solution Log Stream (#4612)
  • Catch exception: Keep resultmappings on toggling “Catch all” (#4687)
  • Client side sorting on an Enum property should follow the defined order of the Enum values (#4704)
  • View number of objects in data source that matches applied column filters in Devtools (#4720)
  • Service DevTools: Flush all datasources on “execute” (#4725)
  • Service Dev Tools: Web Request acion node: Show response and payload (#4728)
  • Push Notifications: Add Notification.permission to App variables, as a built-in enum (#4767)
  • Dev Tools for Services: Specify Body Data Requirements (#4796)
  • UiTable Column: Don’t clear column data type on function value change (#4843)

Bug Fixes

  • The copy/paste on “filter” uses the old right click menu, not the new icons (#4113)
  • Catch web request exception does not catch qualified exceptions when http-codes are set and then cleared (#4161)
  • Client: If a datetime-property has no value, and a UI-component is using “month” from the property, the UI shows current month instead of empty (#4172)
  • “Last Logged In” on “User” is empty when logging in with PIN, link or password (#4224)
  • Function Editor: CTRL + D in function editor closes editor and duplicates UI component in focus (#4299)
  • Functions can be used to set ENUM properties on objects that are outside the set of enumerated values (#4414)
  • Create: Cant copy / paste resource files on Image UI component (#4439)
  • Bar Chart: Labels are not rearranging when sorting by data (#4546)
  • Specific Slider settings crashes Create/browser (#4551)
  • Deploypage: Data sources removed from services do not show up in change details page. (#4559)
  • Gantt Chart: Filtering the data can cause the client to crash (#4576)
  • Make it possible to ‘✕’ empty functions (#4619)
  • Create: Adding a property called String to an object suggests data type String twice (#4622)
  • Service DevTools: Unable to scroll the filtering pane in Solution Log Stream (#4653)
  • Create: Newly created Service Endpoints aren’t selected when created (#4656)
  • In Client Dev Tools: Hide Context data if empty (#4691)
  • Service Dev Tools: Does not unlock after sending a bad request (#4724)
  • Unlock reference check on property setting shows wrong error (#4736)
  • Create: If a DS in service Data is in focus, clicking on another DS from a service endpoint will take you to the wrong DS (#4744)
  • New Servicelogger: Menu for switching service does not work if loaded with a serviceId that does not exist (#4784)
  • Value Processor on float/ints in Table returns NaN. Column formatting returns correct values. (#4800)
  • New Servicelogger: Action Tab crashes if a Run Action without an action exists (#4819)