Release Notes 102

The second release of 2024 has arrived, with a few long-awaited features for our developers, along with a bunch of improvements.

Devtools for services

Have you ever used Devtools for Apps, dreaming about the day when you will have the same debugging superpowers in Services? The day has arrived.

Please read this article for more info!

Extended theme properties

New settings have arrived for defining default input-, button- and tooltip styles! Read more here.

What’s New

  • New option in Auth Operations Action Node: Renew access token for external Oauth provider (#2079)
  • DevTools for Services (#2363)
  • Dev Tools: Show data size (MB) for data sources (#3656)
  • Implement keyboard shortcut for the property pane tabs (#3791)
  • Create: Implement show full Data Model as default filtering in Data Model (#4256)
  • Extended theme properties for buttons, inputs, tooltip and link text color (#4268)


  • Create - Determine how to handle unknown users across the platform (#3172)
  • Create: Include solution context in URLs (#3201)
  • Dev Tools Logging: Show metadata from error (#3623)
  • Object Class Permissions: Support Copy/Paste (#3895)
  • Add robots noindex meta tag to login page by default (#4120)
  • [multi_ref][multi_enum]: GraphQL Support for properties with cardinality many (#4173)
  • UI Drawer: Event handler “On Backdrop Click” is missing until some appearance property is set (e.g. position) (#4211)
  • Increase default tooltip font size for improved readability (#4244)
  • UI Performance: Selection makes conditions related to Object in Context re-evaluate (#4279)
  • Create: Improve display of online users if the logged in user does not have permissions to view studio users (#4288)
  • Performance: Subscribe to Updates: Full refresh of Generated Data with each update (#4316)
  • Implement better handling of developer permissions in Create UI - Apps (#4365)
  • Create - App preview button should open preview directly and not a popover (#4377)
  • Create - Move App preview QR-code to App Settings panel (#4378)
  • Implement better handling of developer permissions in Create UI - Services (#4396)
  • Multi Ref - Support single cardinality DS on right side of a condition (#4507)
  • New Servicelogger: Trace-id placeholder is not replaced when inputting text. (#4563)

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to drag expanded Action Node or Ui Components of type group when list is scrolled to bottom (#2473)
  • PDF Reader crashes when bound data source is emptied then repopulated (#3412)
  • When navigating out from dialog and unselecting object with UI map it crashes (#3453)
  • Run service query parameters mapping does not support special characters (#3941)
  • Update built-in views when new views are added + show URL path for those views (#3961)
  • UiText - Setting width/height using a function doesn’t work (#4042)
  • Read Objects action node shows two “Replace All” options for Operation (#4089)
  • When log out without redirect URL is performed, the user must first reload the page to be logged out (#4090)
  • Selecting null on a propery that has been value processed keeps the value processing (#4163)
  • Read from database fails when filtering on a reference to the same type of object as the object that is being read (#4180)
  • Push Notifications: Function values does not work (#4197)
  • Action param: Default value is not set if action param input is defined but returns undefined (#4209)
  • Sorting by selected in Devtools does not work (#4216)
  • Click outside popover: On click event handler of parent is always triggered (#4251)
  • Create: Copy/Paste of action between service and app sometimes results in invalid model and crashes Create (#4267)
  • Action Debugger: Improve behavior with parallel block execution when active breakpoints exists (#4320)
  • “Reset Action Debugger” while action node is paused crashes Devtools (#4327)
  • UI Table: Conditional Filter Highlighting Wrong Objects (#4355)
  • App Data - Client Filtering is not re-calculated when dependent databases are being updated (#4367)
  • Actions with parallel forEach do not wait until iterations are completed before proceeding (#4575)