Best Practices for Automatic Testing

Hello Appfarm Community!

I’m trying to understand our options for quickly evolving our solution towards a continuous deployment environment, at least to the continuous delivery step anyway, but having strong automated tests is critical for this to work. I don’t see any information here or in the Appfarm docs about creating these tests though.

Do any of you have experience building a CI/CD pipeline with Appfarm, or even external test suites that could test solutions after deployment? Or is everyone relying 100% on manual testing for now?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Matt! We are researching this topic at the moment internally, but we are in a very early phase, so it’s hard to provide a meaningful estimate or roadmap.

Many projects rely on Appfarm’s testing regarding the components’ inner workings, but the functionalities within solutions are still mostly tested manually.

I believe some attempts at test automation have been made on a couple of projects though, with tools like TestProject. Antoine, would you be able to share your experiences with this approach? @lequeuxa

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Hi Joanna,

Yes automatic testing would be great in Appfarm but indeed, quite difficult to implement.

What we did at ControlC is to create log table in which we create records at each critical step so we know what is happening.
We also sometimes test manually our solutions (having somehow built test scenario’s that we run manually through the user interface).
We tried to find other solutions but manual testing remained the easiest approach and we did not spend much time on this.

I did not know TestProject which seems very interesting.

I used to build Rspec first like you probably did :wink: but definitely think TDD is difficult to implement in Appfarm solutions, it could maybe be done for critical actions etc.


We do indeed have 2 Rspec enthusiasts on the team researching the topic, myself included :wink:
We’ll definitely keep you posted when we have something more concrete to share.

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