Automated testing in Appfarm

Hi does anyone have some good tips and experiences for automated testing of deploys in Appfarm? Thinking of tools like Storybook would be of great help to reduce manual QA need


Hello Markus,

Appfarm does not currently have any built-in tools for automated testing. However, there are tools available that allow you to record user interactions and play them back for testing purposes.

We are exploring options to improve testing in Create, so all feedback is welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

// Erik


Hi @markus,

I did some additional testing last year, following the discussion with @lequeuxa (ref this thread. I noticed we overlooked your comment there, sorry about that.

I set up a few quick examples in TestProject, and here are my conclusions:


  • Super quick and easy setup.
  • Possibility to collaborate.
  • No need for code proficiency for setting up basic test cases: you can “record” a test (meaning: click through a test scenario), and the system translates it into test actions. This is a significant benefit for testing no-code projects where team members have different technical skill sets.


  • InfoSec considerations: to perform most test scenarios, it would be necessary to store login credentials to customers’ apps in TestProject. These could be test users with access only to test data, but this would increase the test writing complexity
  • No direct access to the DB, making data testing quite complex and somewhat less reliable. What I’m thinking about here is a simple scenario from the world of traditional programming, that involves a DB setup with test data, e.g.: step 1: mock 5 users, step 2: check that user count in the DB is 5.
  • No integration with Appfarm’s deploy flow: I imagine for many the dream scenario would be something along the lines of Github Actions, where a test suite would run every time you press the deploy button and a deploy doesn’t go through if tests fail, but that is not possible at the moment.

I didn’t spend much time researching other tools, as the potential risks and considerations would likely be similar.

Even though it’s far from ideal, I suppose TestProject (and other similar tools) could be a “good enough” solution if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of relying solely on manual testing. However, it’s not currently prioritized as an integral part of Create.

Please do share your experiences if you have a go at setting something up :blush:

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