Developalooza '24 - Appfarm &

Hello community,

During developalooza '24, we presented with @Yassine.tebib how Appfarm is used as central backbone for one of our customer and how we integrated Appfarm with a lot of tools around, using standard appfarm capabilities, but also an automation tool called n8n

We got quite a few questions after the presentation, so I thought this might be interesting for other members of the community as well.

This automation tool allows you to use any of the almost 1000 pre built integrations. So if you have any question regarding this, don’t hesitate to message us !


Thank you very much for sharing @jeremy.jean :smiley:

We appreciate this very much and surely want more of this in the community, and this is a very interesting subject for many!

…admit you also wanted to beat @Yassine.tebib in the next year’s top collaborators review :disguised_face: :grin:


:rofl: You had unmasked me !