API/Integration swagger functionality


After working for a while integrating Appfarm with other systems a feature that stands above all others on the wish list is a more “out of the box” receive/response functionality.

  1. An option to receive data using node names in Appfarm

2 An option to make the response data equally structured as the body data connected source/sources.

This will address both a source of errors manually writing all attributes and having to explain that the response profile is different than than the post/put profile (if using the built in functionality).
And maybe even make it 100% responsive with the object classes during development and change?

Good input on the first one! Registering a challenge / feature request for that one.

The latter point could need a bit more explaination / an example! :slight_smile:

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Say you have a nested data structure in an order - order line structure POST. If I want to communicate that profile structure to another party that is going to send orders to Appfarm, I have to manually write the nested data structure.

Even if the data structure is nested :slight_smile:

This will truly achieve the “just a few clicks” API building :slight_smile:

@kristian Is that a good enough explanation? :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks! Got it :wink: Agree on that one as well, however, it’s takes a bit more to implement. But we have improvements on both building and testing web requests on the roadmap!

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