Make Service Accounts Data Silo Friendly

Data silos and White labelling - Appfarm Documentation

Long story short I would like to have the option to make something akin to the Person object with a Service account. This would make it very easy to make data silos when using endpoints and maybe make getters more efficient since you can filter on the service data model instead of filtering manually with an id sent in by the request.


Data Silos and data security if high priority, and we are very soon releasing conditional security, which will improve data security in multi-tenant solutions!

But: Could you elaborate a bit more about the need and use case?

For example: Is the need due to e.g. third party customers sending data into Appfarm, each with a designated API Key / Service Account, and you want to read the “Company” based on the API Key / Service Account?

Or is the need because you have a white label solution, and from your Apps, you do a “Run Service”? If so, it would be nice with a bit more info on the need / problem.


The first one. Multiple customers sending data via the same API/endpoint.

Reading the “Company” based on the current Service Account “Person” object.


These are concepts we have on the roadmap! In other words, Oauth2 support towards Appfarm. Currently, we are in the making of an refactoring and improvement og identity management in general (e.g. log in without email, change email) and concepts relevant for your needs is a natural next phase of that identify platform / management.

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