Providing Data to Client from the Multi-Tenant implementation in AppFarm using GraphQL APIs

We want to share data from our AppFarm based multi-tenant application to our clients. There are two ways with corresponding complexity,

GraphQL - Easy and readymade but how to make sure each of the clients only gets their data?
Service - Easy to build and control client specific data but difficult (A lot of JavaScript Code) to generate Multi-Level JSON e.g. Company - Order - Order Line hierarchy. Any better approaches?



Currently, you will have to go for option 2 (service).

The reason is that we currently have no conditional permissions on object class level for service accounts. We have a challenge registered on that, hopefully completed in a not too distant future.

Thank you Kristian, and you are also suggesting that there is no automatic way in AppFarm to generate Multilevel JSON for structures / hierarchy like Company - Order - Order Line and we must use lengthy JavaScript code?