Extending Service Accounts

I want to extend some Service Accounts, but I am unable to see them in my config/admin app even if I list all users. Is there a different data source that is used for Service Accounts than for users?


A service account is its own special type of Appfarm Account and is distinct from the User object. You cannot extend and add properties to a Service Account, which is also the case for the built-in User object.

Depending on your use case, you could for example try to create a “log object class” if you would like to store when a service has been called.

You can read more about Service Accounts here

Hope that helps.

Maybe extend was the wrong word to use. I wanted to make a data source that pointed to a certain Service Account. In the same lane as you would make an Employee object that points to a certain user object.

The use case is to have several Customers/Clients use the same endpoint to post data from their systems. The thought was to separate the data from different clients by using multiple Service Accounts with their own API key.

Data silos and White labelling - Appfarm Documentation

I want to do this for service accounts. If I understand you correctly this is not possible at the moment. Is it on the roadmap?

Ah, now I see. Unfortunately, that is not possible. Depending on how many customers you have, you could as you mentioned, create multiple Service Accounts.

One other possible solution could be to use a unique Customer ID (for example by enabling the random identifier) as a required Query Parameter for the Service. Then you can use this ID to track which customer called the endpoint.

That is unfortunate. I hope you can consider implementing this.