Customisable table toolbar

I wish for more customising options on the table toolbar. Some ideas:

  1. Implement a “Dense toolbar” in the same fashion as the dense table. Taking up much less vertical space.
  2. Make it possible to change placement of the toolbar buttons. If I have a big table with lots of columns, the toolbar will only be visible when I scroll all the way to the right.
  3. Make the toolbar actions possible to call from other parts of the view, especially the “Download as CSV”. I would like to put it anywhere in the view where the table is visible.

I see that 3 is possible to replicate using Export Data. Disregard that one :slight_smile:


Thank you for reaching out.

  1. I have registered a challenge for this.
  2. It is possible to set a horizontally fixed header on a table. By adding a width and setting the header fixed, while also applying a horizontal flexbox to the parent element, you should be able to scroll the table horizontally without affecting the header.

Hope this helps!