Data type conversion in Web Request action


I have the following question. In the Web Request action, does Appfarm perform any data type conversion on body content values? (Content Type: JSON, application/json)

We have cases, where we make request to an external API with the data with SSN value as a string (see the Body Content function return value on the screenshot), but we receive an error which might happen when SSN is sent as a number (more specifically, it relates to the cases when the value has β€œ0” at the beginning and it gets stripped out).

According to the logs we receive in Appfarm when request fails, the data we send includes the SSN in a string format. However, the logs provided by the external API developers indicate that the SSN is not handled properly (the β€œ0” is missing).

So, I’m wondering if Appfarm might be performing some data type conversion when handling the Web Request action? Could it be that although we use a string data type in the Web Request, it is forwarded further as an integer?

Hello Oksana Kurylo,

I recreated your SSN setup with a webrequest to

I have two values:

  • stringValue: β€œ01234678912”
  • integerValue: 01234678912

The JSON body is like this.

When sent to, the body is logged as:

So no, there doesn’t seem to be any implicit type casting of String to Number in the request body.

Perhaps the server your request is sent to does some type casting?

// Erik

I see. Thank you for your answer, Erik.
Yes, type casting on their side might be the reason.

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