Trouble mapping webrequest response

The response data is JSON with the following structure:
“config”: {…},
“data”: {
“count”: 2

The mapping is as follows

and it does not seem to work.

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How are you verifying that the mapping isn’t working?
Can you try adding a Log to Console action node to print the value?


When i log the app variable it is undefined, the value is defined in the response from the webrequest, but i cant stick the value to the app variable.

Ok, let’s try this:

Either create or modifying your existing webrequest with the following:

URL: / (yes, single slash)
Response type: ArrayBuffer
Result parser containing:

return {
	"data": {
		"some": {
			"count": 1

What does logging show? What does Data View in the Appfarm Dev Tools show?

See screenshots:

Hi! There is 1 difference in Gregs vs Henriks case: Henrik has an integer-type App variable.

@Henrik : Could you try mapping it to a string type app variable instead? If that works, you have the workaround, but we’ll also register a challenge on this one.

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We were simply mapping from wrong path, this is now solved.

The response path started from "some".

Thanks for the help!

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