Date Now and Today not available for referenced filters

When editing a filter for, e.g., the ‘read objects’ action, I’m not able to use the new built-in Today and Date Now variables when editing the filter of a referenced data source. Say for example that you only want to read objects from ‘Task’ where it’s referenced ‘Project’ has a due date Now, the ‘Other’ tab where the Now and Today variables normally lies doesn’t appear. Would be great to have this a feature so I don’t need to add App variables for Now and Today.

Hi Kaspar!
Is it this kind of setup you’re missing?

If so it’s planned for the next release.

Hi Mari, not quite the same setup. We’ve received the ‘Other’ tab with the date functions with the latest release. They work great when filtering on the data source, but I’m unable to use them when trying to filter based on a reference.

I’ll try to explain the setup with an example:
Say you have a class ‘Task’ referencing a ‘Project’ and want to filter the Tasks based on the Project’s start date. If you, for the read stage, select ‘Read to Task’ with filter ‘Task.Project’ EXISTS IN filter ‘Project’, you will get a new filter dialog box. When trying to filter in this dialog, the Date Now and Today don’t appear.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation.

We don’t support “deep conditions” on the left side of the filter editor. In your case you would need a runtime property on the Task data source holding the reference’s datetime and use it for UI filtering, for instance.