Debugging services in production

Seems to me that it is not possible to use the debugging tool in the production environment? If so, is best practice to trigger the service from the Appfarm Swagger UI?

Not sure if this is a bug in Appfarm or some permissions I’ve not checked. In our production environment we aren’t able to run services manually from DevTools. The services run fine on schedule it seems. The Error I’m receiving is somewhat varying. First it says “unable to connect to solution”, then it changes to “Permission needed: Production Service Devtools Access” (I have this permission checked…). Then if I wait for some time the screen in the background gets updated to the devtools, but I still have the popup in front with Server error

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Suggestions for what to do?

Hei @havardthun,

Service dev tools are not available in the production environment.
If you need to debug a service using prod data, you can use dev tools in Staging. However, if you only want to test-run a service in production, Swagger UI is the answer.


I see. Thank you Joanna!

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