Edit User object phone field - Not possible

How can we update the user object with phone number?

We want to take advantage of current user phone number in actions, but it seems like phone field is “Read only” and not possible to update.

Get error “Tried to write to a read-only property” when adding something to the phone number field.


To update a user account you need to ensure that “Allow Update User Account” in the Environment config is selected, and that your user has the right permissions (in Accounts/roles in Permissions) to update a user. Also, ensure that you are using the “update user account” action node.

With these settings, updating a user’s phone number should be possible. Let me know if the problem persists.


It seems that you are trying to update the user phone number directly? If so, a good way to avoid the read only trouble is to add a runtime attribute to a related “person” object or in the app variables and on update that attribute with det User.phoneNumber on edit/dialog open etc. On save you use the update User action node, as Isabel stated, to map the phone number from the person.phoneNumber to the User object.

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