Errors when creating user "AuthorizationError: Missing required permissions to assign roles"

I am trying to create a user using my app and I am getting this error. Even though I seemingly have the required permissions(owner).


You need the necessary permissions to add a user to a role. See Permissions → Accounts/Roles → Assign User to Role.

However, even though an Owner has the right to assign users to any role, this only applies to assigning roles inside Appfarm Create (in the Users section). If you want to assign roles in an application, you will need to create a new role with the necessary permissions, and give yourself that role.

See this article for more information.

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You also find info on this error message here:

Warnings and errors - Appfarm Documentation

Thank you for the replies, that solved it. Maybe there should be some reference to this in the Add users and assign roles - Appfarm Documentation