Expanding and collapsing all the groups in gantt

Hey guys, as per the client’s request we need to add a button that will expand and collapse all the groups in gantt chart. But for now we have only managed to do the expand all functionality just by hiding and showing again the gantt chart (it defaults to expanded view). Is there any way we can collapse all the group using a button?

for context we would like to collapse man, rabbit and anime when we press the collapse all button


This is currently not supported. I’ll register a feature request on this one.

Highcharts has a “collapsed” property on each group, but currently there is no functionality to set that property for all groups (either from inside the Gantt, or from an action outside).

The workaround is to use a Coded Component for this (adding the highcharts.js code, or some other third party), or you may play around with Run Code and see if you are able to set that property for each group using javascript.