Extended UI options for "Confirm dialog"s


Is there any way to control the UI of “confirm dialogs” in one place? They are very easy to use for what they do, but visually they will always stand out and not fit the UI.

What would be great to control:

  • Dialog title Typography Variant from theme
  • Body text Typography Variant from theme
  • Title & Body text aligned to Right or Centered
  • Confirm Button Color, Variant and Size
  • Cancel Button Color, Variant and Size

A nice to have, would be:

  • Enable Icon above Dialog Title (Which would use same alignment option as the text (Right or Centered)
  • Select what icon
  • Icon color

Let me know if there is any other workaround to achieve this, but allows us still to use the “Confirm Dialog” node within actions-

Kåre // MoreScope

Hello Kåre,

We are currently working on a new concept called Custom Component. This will allow you to define custom, reusable components with custom styles and actions. With this, you will be able to create a custom confirm dialog, and connect different actions to the different buttons :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I have forwarded your wishes to the Dev-team.