Popover as its own type of view

The popover component is a bit of a pain in its current implementation. I often use pop-overs in my apps to create expandable toolbars and menus. I want these to be reusable components that I can use on various views and dialogs. But since every popover is tied to a particular view and needs a unique name, it’s hard to reuse code. It would be much nicer if the popover was a particular type of view, like a dialogue. It could be tied to the object being clicked on and should have the same anchor and transform options. Likewise, I would prefer if it had the option “Close On Click Outside” like a normal dialog.


What you mentioned about reusable components is coming, and is high on the priority list. We call the concept Custom Components. And I believe this will cover your request.

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If these reusable components also can function as extended versions of today’s popovers (anchor, transform, Close On Click Outside, etc.), then the answer is yes :slight_smile: Is there any eta for this new feature?

Unfortunately no ETA currently, but I’ll keep you posted when I know more details. We’re not talking about “years away”, but not weeks either.

@lbj We have a setup that I think would solve your problem.

Basically, we have set up a main view with all other views within a view container. When we place the popovers in the main view, we can open it in different sub-views. The only drawback is that we cannot use an object in context of an iterator etc, so we need to be consistent in selecting components. But that would be the case for a dialogue-like popover or a custom component as well. Hope the attached screenshots are understandable.

We are at least happy with this setup. But we also miss some features in popover, like searching on the popover name in the Open/Close popover action node, a link between that popover list and the UI component, and that it is too easy to delete the popover when it has references. But we still use popovers quite a lot.

Thanks for good tips and some suggestions for Popover adjustments! Registering this.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’m using this approach where it’s possible, but quite a few of my popovers are in dialogs and my app have three main containers. I agree to all of @Jonas suggestions for improvements.
My favorite solution, however, would be if you could add “Popover” as an option to the “Dialog Type” list. That would allow us to use normal dialogs as popovers.
All that is needed is a way to control the placement of the dialog on the screen.