Popover in subview does not close when clicking outside

I built my custom header/app bar in a subview inside which I have a popover but this one does not disappear when clicking outside:

Hi! Tried to reproduce this one, but the popover disappears in all cases we tried. We tried all different settings on the popover and the open popover action node, as well as putting the triggering action inside and outside the subview…

Could it be that you have copied a view containing a popover, resulting in more thatn 1 popover with the same name, and that the “open popover” action is in fact opening another popover you do not see?

If you do not figure it out, let me know.

Hi Kristian,

Weird. Still have the issue, on the ControlV solution, in the header, on the bell icon, just added you to the solution.

Hi! Fixed. The popover was put inside the container with the event for opening the popover. By looking at the log, the open popover action was triggered everytime you clicked outside the popover to hide it (because the click traverse bach to the popover location) :wink:

Thanks!! Noted for next time :wink: