On click action runs when closing a popover

We are using popovers for folder options, file options, etc that opens on right click or when clicking a options icon. In order to run actions within the popovers with object in context, the popover itself is placed inside a iterating container. If you open a popover and then try to close it by clicking outside of the popover, appfarm will then run the on-click action you have on the same object regardless of where you click on the screen. Really annoying when the on-click action switches the view to e.g. open a file.


I’ve recreated this and will check internally if it is an intended behaviour (i.e. that the click outside the popover propagates back to the surrounding container of the popover).

However, I can come up with 2 solutions to this:

  1. When opening the popover, send the object in context in to the Open Popoer action (using action parameters), or update an App Variable setting a reference to the Object in context. Having the object in context reference stored in an App Variable allows the popover to be placed outside the repeating container (e.g. in the top of the view).
  2. Add a “Close” icon or button to the popover that triggers a “Close Popover” action. Such as in the popovers demonstrated in Showroom

Okay, thanks! Keep me posted