Trigger pop-over from coded component without position 'infer from event'


I am triggering a pop-over from a coded component through an action, it works when I specify position “custom” with position top and left but not when I set position “infer from the event”.

Any guess why it happens? Thanks

Solution name: Jerouville
Action name: editLaneBreak: Action

Hello @lequeuxa :slight_smile:

Have you connected the mentioned action inside the Coded component, under “Actions”? I cannot seem to find it, I see only editResource. If you could send a screenshot or the name of the view it is used in, so that I can look into it more? :smiley:

Hi Nejra,

Thanks for your message :slight_smile:
I had to find a solution rapidly so I did it differently through the coded component and deleted the action.
I don’t know if you wish to reproduce this in another app or something but it is not blocking anymore (but did not manage to find a way to make it work without specifying a custom position)



I believe Appfarm does not know “where in the UI” the action is triggered from, when it’s a coded component code that triggers the action with “Open Popover” (with infer from event positioning).

We’ve registered a challenge on it, but I’m not sure if there is an easy solution to it.

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