Feature requested: Allow null on the Select UI Component with selection type Basic

Se attached image. When the selection type is Property there is an Allow Null option. This would be really handy to have also when the selection type is Basic.
Please let me know if I have missed something obvious that allows for this already.

The use case for this is:
I want to the user to be able to select one object in a class and have an easy way of removing the selection. It is optional to select the class and other fields are required if it is selected. I have created a ‘Clear data’ button that with an action clears the related fields. On that topic it would also be nice to have a predefined option for:

  1. Unselect all objects in a class
  2. In the event handler on value change it would be really handy to be able to select not only one action, but several. If I could add actions in the order of execution then I would have an option that in some cases would allow me the create fewer actions (typically I have created actions that are quite specific and I try to reuse them in other orchestrating actions. In some cases it would save me code and complexity if the event handler would be able to execute several actions in sequence)

Br, Torgeir.
Have a nice day :wink:


Hi @Lynfot!

You can unselect all objects in a object class by using Select → None in the Set Selection Action Node. It is possible to execute different actions by using Action Parameters in combination with the If Action Node. You’ll find more information here: https://docs.appfarm.io/appcademy/appfarm-fundamentals/actions-and-logic-fundamentals/context-parameters#action-parameters
I hope this helps you :slight_smile: