Self check on UI Select component to check if self is Empty


Would be very nice if this component had a checkbox named something like “Disable if self is empty” + if this box is checked a display message to user (with internationalization)

In the attached image my element has conditional filters and the user has made selections that filters out all relevant option in the list. I would prefer in this case that user would see a disabled dropdown and some info text


I have solved it like this in my app:

A generic solution like this would also work.See below. In this case the text “Ingen valg tilgjengelig” should be out of the box from Appfarm and work on any random language.

Often i find my self wanting a standard dictionary built-in appfarm. For generic things like; save, confirm, abort, missing data etc.

It would be very handy to have on buttons and just have as a “Standard button text”-dropdown option on the button it self. A icon should also follow, so where the text is defined one would need to add an icon and on the button it self one would check of “Use icon from standard text”