Placeholder text in UI component 'Select' is not updated

I deleted this placeholder text (Type betong). It is still visible. Both in dev and test environment.
I then duplicated the component and deleted the initial (old) component.
The new component does not have this error.

For info :slight_smile:

Hi Torgeir,

Does this issue still persist and are you still able to recreate this issue :blush:


Hi Erik
After posting this i deleted the initial UI component.
Thus this specific instanse of the issue is solved and unfortunately I am not able to recreate it anymore.
If there is a next time I can keep the UI element (with the visibility turned of) and send you a link to the page, as several of the Appfarm developers have access to our solutions and then would have the possibility to go straight to the reported instance.
Have a nice day

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@Lynfot Do you still have “Type betong” as label?
The component displays the label as placeholder until you add a placeholder specifically.
In the screenshot you have provided it seems to be 3 fields with a label and one field with a placeholder and label, where the label is “Type betong”.
Is this correct or did you experience that you added “Type betong” as label, and that it is still present even though the label-value is empty?

The field that has label ‘Type betong’ had a placeholder with the text “Fiber “ja” eller “nei” må velges”.
I deleted the placeholder text. However the old placeholder text was still visible in UI. It was not longer visible in Appfarm create. I.e some ghost property that was not properly purged when I removed the placeholder text.
When I duplicated the UI element this ghost placeholder text was not there in the new duplication.