Text edit label not rendered at the correct X position in GUI


See attached image. The label does not follow the textbox position.

Regards Torgeir

Hi Torgeir,

Could you provide some more information of how you have constructed the UX? Some screenshots of your setup would help us figuring out why this behaviour occur.


Hei Erik

Here is a screenshot from the UI.
If you copy the UI element the error persists.

If you however, as the last to images show, create a new text-input and assign the same configuration the error is fixed.

I.e I believe the error is that sometimes a text-input element can become corrupt and the way to fix is then to instantiate a new one and assign the same configuration and then delete the original.

So, I was able to fix the error myself, just thought it would be right to inform that the error may happen.

For info this is in the Skanska DRIV app.
I have kept corrupt element and hidden it. Thus, you could if you want to take a further look at it. Ill keep it for another week and will then delete it.

Before fixing the issue

How to fix the issue

Regards Torgeir

Hi Torgeir,

Thanks for the details on the issue.

I believe the reason for this behaviour is that the Positioning of the UI component has Static instead of Relative. When adding a new component it automatically becomes Relative, which is why it seems to “fix the issue” by instantiate a new component.

We’ve extracted the component from Skanska DRIV and will investigate further and create a challenge if necessary.


Takk for hjelpen :slight_smile:

Mvh Torgeir



We have investigated this issue and realised position:static should never be used on composed components as this will force the child elements (in this case Label) to walk up the DOM tree to position itself. We have fixed this issue by removing the possibility to choose static positioning on the problematic components (text inputs and buttons).

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