How to add an Element ID to a Text Input?


we have a view that contains a coded component that refers to text inputs components using 24 sign strings (one per text input component). Exampel: 637b48b20d4e7327f933cc6b

We have copied the view as we need a separate version to link to, but opening the copied view, i.e. opening the link to it, throws the following error message: “TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘classList’)”

I narrowed it down to the coded component using the element IDs and using the developer tool in Chrome I verrified that in the copied version the text fields do not have an ID while in the original they do. I think its likely that this is the cause of the error message.

So how do I assign an Element ID to a text input component?


When copying a view, new text inputs are created with new technical element IDs. The solution might be to change the reference in the coded component.

Currently, it is not possible to assign an element ID to a text input component (as you can with containers). You will have to inspect the elements and find the element IDs on the copied components, as it sounds like you did the first time.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply.

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