Adding label and error label to properties

It would for many reasons be very handy if this property could be defined on the dat model level.
For instance the UI elements could use the label and error label.
In my case I would like to be able to also collect the label and error label in an actions, since I am building up some strings that are used to display to the user at any given time what fields that currently are missing data. These messages should in my case be the same for any instance of the class, however the same class are found in various dialogs, screens and even apps and I end up repeating myself since the logic of validation must be evaluated by UI, actions, classes and various states.

Hi Torgeir,

There is a new feature that we are working on called the Custom Component, which will allow you to define reusable UI components which can link to actions. This will help with your issue where you need to repeat yourself in the UI - the component can be changed once, and then all references to the component are also updated.

With that said, it is still of course desirable to be able to define a label/error label at the data model level. We have a similar challenge registered internally as a feature request.


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Thanks for answering. Looking forward to both :wink: