Find & Replace in function editor and coded component


I am not sure but I think it used to have a find & replace function while editing in the function editor but CTRL+F does not allow me to find anymore, is it possible? It helped me a lot when changing a variable name for example.


Hi Antoine,

Seems like we have had CTRL+F previously in the function editor! However, some redesign has caused it to stop working. Challenge registered!

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How is the status on this?

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Hi @Erlend, it’s part of the backlog but we don’t have an estimate yet. In the meantime, the search function works in Create if the function editor is not in focus. I know it’s not ideal, but hopefully, the workaround helps. For larger find & replace jobs the easiest might be to use a code editor.

Good news! The fix for the Find functionality is going to be patched to both 23.2 and 23.1.
If what you’re after is a fully functional Find & replace inside the function editor, it would be a new feature request. Let me know in case that’s what you meant and we’ll register a new challenge.

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Yes please could you register a new challenge?

For the moment, I use a text editor to find and replace but the format is not good so it makes it a bit difficult :smiley: thanks!

The challenge is registered :ok_hand:

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Just a quick update: Find and replace is now possible through Command+Fn+F. The focus needs to be on the code editor, as otherwise, the built-in browser Search will kick in.


Yeah :smiley: I noticed that a few days ago ahah :smiley: thanks for the update

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